Every Ending has a New Beginning

Every ending is really just a new beginning.

I have been feeling hesitant and nostalgic these days because of the news that I’m about to deliver.

Another part of my life has begun recently, and I’m still in the middle of transition.  There are so much anxiety and fear energies surrounding me, but the Angels and your support have truly made me count my blessings each and every waking moment.

I am truly thankful for all of you who have embarked on this incredible spiritual journey with me for the past 2 years.

I feel so so grateful with everyone’s blessings, abundance & prayers throughout the trajectory.

My heart is just so overwhelmed with your eternal love right now!

On one hand, the joy spills over the other side of me.  On the other hand, my tears are dropping from the pain of letting go.

It is with heavy heart that I have decided to discontinue this blog, and I have proceeded on a new journey that God has led me.

It has been difficult for me to juggle between blogs, social media, YouTube videos, readings, studying, etc.

So, I have finally decided to let go.

I decided to let myself be…myself.

All of me – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental.

Everything will be sacred, and all will be revealed in the light.

For all you lovelies who’d love to embark on this new journey with me, please feel free to follow me on Instagram, Snapchat (loveed_grace) and Blog.

The new journey that I will be embarking on will be filled with diaries of my personal life.  And I truly hope that my message may inspire people in a positive and practical way.  After all, we can’t just be spiritual entirely, right? ϡ

Henceforth, I truly pray that everyone who has followed, commented, liked or supported me to always be blessed with God’s grace, abundance, love and eternal joy.

Once again, I am truly grateful for everything that God has given me – including my virtual friends.  (You know who you are! I love you to eternity, guys!) ♡

Last but not least, follow your heart, my lovelies!

Sending everyone my love, angel blessings & heavenly light from above,

Grace Fae


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