February 2017 Solar Eclipse

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The (new moon) solar eclipse will be happening on the 26th February 2017!

There is a strong emphasis to ground ourselves in this coming new moon. The Angels are beckoning us to stay rooted in safety. There may be instances when ‘fight or flight’ mode occur in the coming few days. For instance, some of us may take things too seriously and exaggerate the entire situation. Henceforth, please do take note of your emotions and breathe, dear ones. Breath is truly the life-force energy.

Root chakra is the first chakra, and if it were to be blocked, we may experience insecurity, fear and fatigue. On the contrary, if our root chakra were to be overactive, we may tend to express aggressiveness, frustration and restlessness.

In order to stay at the top of our game, the fairies are here to remind us of assertiveness. Indeed, there are many times that Earth Angels and light-workers tend to avoid conflict by keeping mum when they actually disagree with something. This is the time to speak up, dear ones. It’s time for us, the peaceful ones, to have a say in our lives.

When we are being honest to ourselves, we will have integrity. It’s only then that our throat and crown chakras are fully opened and that messages can flow through freely and effortlessly. Thence, this is a message for all light-workers and beloved Earth Angels to be confident. (Note: If you need to boost your confidence, why not listen to Demi Lovato’s Confident?☺) 

To sum up, remember to ground yourself in this coming new moon solar eclipse, own your power & please do call upon the fairies for extra strength! Remember, ask and it is given Ü

Sending much love, light & peace to everybody ♡

Namasté ♡

P.S. Do you know that you can ground yourself with just a stainless steel spoon? 😉


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