○ Sacred Full Moon Healing ○

∂єαяєѕт уσυ,

Thank you for being here with me today on this sacred journey. It’s truly time for us to embrace our inner goddess & act with our feminine (yin) energies. What a sacred time for releasing, loving, easing peacefully into the light & accepting the dark night of the soul.

It is ok to face your demons head on, dear ones. You are not alone.

The dark night of the soul usually arises to the surface for healing to occur. Do not be afraid of the darkness within you, dear one. You are most divine & precious to us. Embrace & accept the past, forgive it. Let it go. Cry & laugh however you want. It’s time for you to surrender these hidden emotions from within. You are loved. You are safe. You are enough.

You & I both know it’s not easy to get through this nonsensical period when all you want to do is just let the ground swallow you whole, laugh maniacally at things you found to be hurtful, cry when things get too overwhelmingly suffocating, scream into the ocean & shout at the people who hurt you. Yes, you may be at the lowest period right now. It’s alright, dear one. Let them go.

Gently & lovingly. Breathe through it, for you are so brave. So courageous. You are divinely loved, present with your emotions & you are enough. Forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself, dearest one. Yes, you are strong enough to deal with this. It’s a love-hate relationship. But love prevails. Love always wins. Love. You can do it. You are meant to rise. This is your birthright. Breathe, dear one, breathe.

Allow the dark night to come & go. Embrace it, feel it & release it. For it has over-welcome its presence. You are free, let it go. Breathe & allow your whole being to feel lighter, free & uplifted. Remember, when there is night, there is also day. As always, the day will come no matter the weather.

Breathe & breathe again, dear one.

Breath is your life force energy. Deepen your breath, slowly & gently. You are awakened. You are love. You are the light. You are the divine within you. You are enough. You are the Goddess of your own soul. You are the bravest of the warriors. You are…the brightest light in the night.

And so it is.


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