Post Pink Moon: Happy Easter

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Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

I apologize for not updating you with the Pink Moon, as I have been feeling under the weather ever since I quit my coffee intake. It has been three weeks since I’ve abstained from coffee. It has been rather tough. If you’d coffee addictions like me and have overcome this, please let me know how you’ve done it! I’ve been trying to fill the void in my life.

I drew these cards for myself as a much needed guidance – since I’m still filling the void with procrastination and what-not. So if you’re going through some challenges as well, fear not! This message is for you too!

The Angels are encouraging us to take inspired action. In this case, do not feel guilty or ashamed of yourself when you want to do whatever you want. If you don’t feel like going to work, call in sick. Honestly, your soul is having a flu, so this means you are free to call in ‘sick’. If you don’t feel like going to school, well…make sure that you have a sturdy foundation before skipping lectures and tutorials. If you want to sing & dance, then sing as loudly as possible & dance like nobody is watching. When you do the activities that inspires you, you have the ability to channel the sensuality within you & you may find some inspiration or revelation within your soul. Besides cleansing, doing what you love activates your chakras as well!

As you release any stagnant energy from within you, the next step is to seek the wisdom behind the lessons & challenges that you have currently. You are asked to review & realize how far you’ve come. And ask yourself, “Who am I?” This question may spark something miraculous from your soul. You may be inspired & surprised by whatever is the answer. Moreover, doing this work increases your self-esteem as you sieve through your achievements. Feel free to journal, blog or talk to your angels about them. Engulf yourself in the arms of your guides & angels, embrace the love & blissfulness, and most importantly, hug yourself. Self-love is evermore important in this current era, as everyone is either focusing on others or their career.

Another message of self-love comes in as the angels are saying that there’s no need to compare yourself to another, for another is simply not you. You are you. You have your own unique blueprint & this makes you unique! Yes, you may idolize & admire someone whom you have yet to embrace the qualities that they have. Therefore, you are being empowered to look for those qualities within you. If any quality is lacking, then manifest them through thoughts, feelings & actions. Affirmations are very useful. Remember, the law of attraction is always present. The Universe has your back!

Whew, so many messages came through for today. Nevertheless, hope you will embrace yourself wholeheartedly & truly find bliss & peace within you. I will be doing the same by smelling the flowers in my living space, journal down my achievements & engulfing myself with peace, love, bliss & harmony.

Much love, light & angel blessings to You,



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