○ New Moon in Cancer ○

Cancer Moon Cycle Oracle Spread

Blessed New Moon in Cancer

I feel so grateful to be able to share these messages with you today. Maybe it’s the New Moon energies that’s causing me to feel especially sentimental. Nevertheless, here’s our reading for the Moon cycle from 23rd June – 22nd July 2017.

How can we empower ourselves?

For this Cancer moon cycle, it is highly recommended that we focus on our wants, needs and desires to uplift our energies. As Cancer is a water sign, our emotions may be acting up more than we are truly feeling. For instance, when we feel sad about something usually, we may feel particularly depressed, devastated or melancholy in this moon cycle. Therefore, it is essential for us to maintain our high vibrations (e.g. being happy, excited, enthusiastic, etc.) by being impeccable in our thoughts, words, and deeds to overcome the over-sensitivity that Cancer brings out from us. A great exercise is to journal at the end of the day. Be conscious of your emotions throughout the day. As you become aware, you will thus be more prepared to tackle this emotional roller coaster head on.

Yes, Moon in Cancer may evoke self-doubt in us. All we have to do is trust ourselves in this period. Recognise our achievements, acknowledge that we’ve come so far, and really get grounded in our gifts, skills, abilities, and talents. Are we going to let a mere moon energy get us down? NO. As we become more conscious of the moon energies, we may want to shift our perspective and maybe change our lifestyle to ease the transitions to the next moon cycle. Therefore, a prayer may be helpful at this conjuncture. Alternatively, you can choose other prayers or affirmations such as the one below.

I am a radiant reflection of God’s light

How can we nourish ourselves?

As Cancer governs our emotions, our sacral chakra may be overactive this moon cycle. It is perfectly normal that we suddenly become petty, overly emotional, or sensitive about things that we did not care two hoots about previously. As mentioned above, self-doubt creeps in as well. Therefore, to face the fear and do it anyway, we need to heal ourselves from the critiques and negative mind clutter that are existing in our brains.

[Fun fact] If you’ve noticed, fear process into our nervous system more quickly than happiness, joy, gratitude, and other emotions. To counteract this phenomenon, we can think about the times when we enjoy ourselves the most, and reverse the negative cycle. Ultimately, we have to maintain these thoughts for at least 3 weeks to form a new habit in our brains. It may sound easy, but a lot of discipline is needed. BUT, we can do it! We’ve overcome so many other scary things in life already, so what more a mere negative cycle breaking, right? 🙂  [Fun fact over]

Many of us process our emotions differently. Females retreat inwards, while males react to things externally, or vice versa. There’s no one way that truly works. To make healing more probable, I’d highly recommend us to do whatever our heart’s desires. What is it that you crave? Food? Exercise? Learning new things? Reading? Singing? Dancing? Baking? Doing yoga/pilates? Eating without restriction? Doing ‘weird’ things? Watching dramas? When we do the activities that we truly love, it gives us the time and space to regroup our thoughts, rest, and recuperate. Therefore, healing can take place in this alpha state naturally. Alternatively, we can do meditation or sit in prayer in a quiet space. Whatever that makes our hearts sing!

Phenomenal healing energy flows through every cell in my body

How can we take action to manifest our dreams?

Freedom is an illusion. Oftentimes, we think that we are restricted to the time and space around us. Is that really the truth? Or are we binding ourselves unknowingly?

When I do what I love & love what I do, I’ll never have to work a day in my life. Boundless freedom surges through me easily and effortlessly 

It is my prayer that these affirmations, messages, insights & guidance can help us all to navigate through our emotional path in this sensitive moon cycle. I wish you guys all the very best, and until then, please do take care. Empower yourself, nourish yourself & take action to achieve your dreams. The sky’s the limit!

Sending all of my love, light, peace & angel blessings to You!

Namaste Everyone


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