Angel Cards

healing-angels-oracle-cardsThis is my favourite card deck out of the twelve oracle card decks that I own. Healing with the Angels is also the first ever card deck that I bought with my own pocket money. This card deck was previously kept in the dark. It was only when my Mom was more open to spirituality that I brought it out into the light. These cards were blessings in disguise. They literally changed my life! In fact, I was guided to invite these cards back into my home. The sensation while I was holding onto this card deck while I was in the shop was so overwhelming! Something was urging me to get these cards. The feelings that I’d felt were excitement, buoyancy & love. That was the time that I (breaking away from the authoritative energy) decided to get it without my mom’s permission.

At first when I started using these cards, I barely knew what they were trying to tell me. I couldn’t understand what they’re trying to show me either. The cards were just cards to me. Nothing special at all. There were no visions or answers appearing in my mind. None that could help me interpret & understand these cards better.

A few months later, I felt really restless & extremely excited about getting something. But, I didn’t know what I needed to get as at that period, I’d already gotten everything that I’ve wanted, materially.  Thereafter, I realised that I was once again being guided to a shop. This time, the Angels & my higher self have guided me to a new age shop that sells crystals & gemstones. Again, this was without my mom’s knowledge or consent. Yet again, I invited some crystals back home. I’d cleansed, charged & programmed them while my mom was at work. Truthfully, it was a tedious process overall, but I felt really happy doing them. The way I felt while programming the crystals was…. utter contentment.

The crystals love me & I love them. There was simply no doubt about it. More often than not, they helped me out whenever I carried them around with me. Not to mention, I have the urge to just take out my beautiful oracle cards & shuffle them. Most of the time, I would stop whatever I was doing, take out my cards & start to shuffle them. Slowly but gradually, another surprise knocked at my door. I could finally feel & understand what my cards have been trying to tell me all these while. So, imagine the huge gigantic smile on my face when I can finally read them! It was simply amazing & I felt so immensely blessed!

Hence, this is the start of my journey to helping my family & close friends to read, understand themselves better & to help them out whenever they are in need. Hopefully, I can advance my skills & help even more people who needs help & guidance from my Angels as well as theirs.

♡ ℓσνє, ℓιgнт & fαєяу ѕραякℓєѕ тσ уσυ


9 thoughts on “Angel Cards

  1. bluebutterfliesandme says:

    I have these cards they are indeed lovely. I also like my Angel tarot deck, it is beautiful.
    Much love and thanks for the visit.

    ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀
    . *✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸♥

    • HealingAngels4U says:

      Awww yes, this cards are so lovely and so in tune with energies! It is truly beautiful :’) Thank you so much for stopping by & visit my blog! It’s a pleasure having you here, dearest Sindy. Much love, light & angel blessings to You ❤ xxx

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