☽ New Moon: Blessed Be ☾

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Hello Beloved Ones,

I was urged to draw a card for you on this beautiful new moon eclipse. As you can see from the picture, the energies were SO intense that two cards dropped out! Let’s see what the Angels have for us today, shall we? ⍢

This New Moon is opening up our Crown Chakra to Divine downloads – ideas, inspirations, prayers, and solutions may come through at this time. Archangels Michael and Jophiel are encouraging us to breathe through this period for many of us may experience headaches, flu-like symptoms and giddiness. Henceforth, it is crucial for us to be grounded (nutrition, physically & energetically) and imagine light from our root chakra grounding into the Earth’s core.

Furthermore, you are being reminded to call upon any Ascended Masters (Jesus, Mother Mary, Goddess or Mercy, Buddha, etc.) when any feelings of guilt, victimization, criticism or over-sensitivity surface through. Indeed, lower energies may arise in order for us to surrender and release them to the Ascended Masters – especially Saint Germain’s Violet Flame for transmutation of lower energies. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you to create a God Box so that you can simply write down and surrender your worries and desires to God through this sacred box!

Due to the profound energies on Earth, the Angels are saying that many people are ascending to the light and this makes it easier for us to connect to the Divine beings more effortlessly. This is one of the many reasons why manifestation in this February New Moon is SO powerful. As we release any lower vibrations (e.g. worries, doubts, fears, insecurities, etc.) to God and uplift ourselves into the light, we can thus easily manifest things to fruition.

Therefore, please allow yourself to enjoy basking in this beautiful and powerful energies of the New Moon, have a cup of tea, do some self-massage, future journaling and light up some candles. Who knows? Miracles may happen when you take time out for yourself, dearest ones. ϡ 

Endless gratitude, peace & light to You,

Blessed Be my friends ❤

P.S. I’ll be taking time out to reconnect with my Angel Aura Quartz and meditating in this beautiful energy. How about you? ϡ  


☆ Soul Coaching Oracle Cards ☆

This is the Soul Coaching Oracle Card Deck by an author and healer, Denise Linn. The quote, ‘What your soul wants you to know’ as seen on the cover of the deck, is truly captivating. Those are the few words that captivated me when I first saw it on the shelves in a book store.


This deck of cards truly provide a direct connection to one’s Soul. I’d highly recommend this deck to anyone who wants to learn more about their higher and inner selves, as well as anyone who’s learning to heal and furthering their spiritual path. These cards truly speak from within! The accompanied information in the guide book for these cards are easy to digest and understand. Even without the guide, the cards really do speak for themselves!

I’d use these cards several times for my own readings in the few hours that I’ve just purchased it. Every outcome and cards that appeared conveyed the answers to my innermost and heartfelt questions. The amazing thing then happened and that’s how I felt these cards were extremely attuned to me.

I did a card spread as indicated in the guide book and the instructions were:

1) Describing you
2) Angels’ message
3) Guides’ messages
4) Past-life loved ones message
5) Ancestors’ message.

Guess what I’ve gotten for card number one? 🙂


YES. I’ve gotten the card, GRACE.

I know there’s a meaning towards ‘grace’. However, the name of the card was literally my name! And yes, it was absolutely accurate and detailed about describing me! Hence, this deck is highly recommended 🙂

Hope this post is useful to anyone who’s investing in oracle cards!!

Do feel free to comment below if you want to share other amazing oracle/angel cards with me! I’m open to as many suggestions though I think it’ll be a few more months before I’ll get another deck of cards. 😀

xx Love & Light xx

☆☆ Angels’ guidance ☆☆


The cards for the day – 

(1) Past-Life Issue. 

(2) Be Willing to Forgive. 

(3) Cut Your (Etheric) Cords. 

– People from your past life are making themselves known to you in this lifetime. They include a soulmate and family members, all with whom you share karmic ties. In the past, these relationships may have been painful, but now is your opportunity to balance that karma and break the reincarnation cycle if you choose. Ask your guides for what you need to know from your past life and ask them to heal you of that karmic ties of pain and hurt. If you’ve come across flashes of your past life, record them down in a journal. Then, release whatever that no longer serves your purpose to God, through meditation and prayers. 

– Be willing to forgive anyone and everyone who have mistreated, physically/mentally/emotionally assault you. Forgive the situations that made you unhappy and depressed, or frustrated and pissed off. Open up your heart to love and peace. Ask the Angels to guide you to healing and send your prayers to God. Write/Draw/Blog about your unhappiness, send your hurt, depression or anger to God and the Angels. Call upon the healing angel, Archangel Raphael to help you let go of the hurt and sufferings, and be at peace with yourself.

– Call upon Archangel Michael to cut your fear-based cords. These cords are attached between you and others whom you have associated yourself with. Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords of those people who are draining the energy from you (those who depend too heavily on you). Take a deep breath and release yourself of all the tension and burden within your body. Allow yourself to receive the healing and light from Archangel Michael.

** Rejuvenate yourself by drinking plenty of water. Water is a way to cleanse yourself internally as well as externally. Remember to also thank the Angels who have healed you. Believe in the healing and release whatever fear, worries, frustrations, pain or depression to them. Angels always go by “Ask and it is given.” Hence, call upon them whenever you need their assistance or guidance on something.

Hope you have a great day ahead everyone!

Many blessings and Love & Light,


The Key to Happiness


If you’re reading this, it means that you’re being guided to act on what I’m about to tell you.

Love. This is a small and simple word, but it does carry a lot of meaning and stories behind it.

By simply believing and trust in lovethe results are simply amazing. As they always say, “You reap what you sow.” That is exactly what it means. By loving, you are giving. The compassion and love that you give out will eventually return to you 10,000 times or even more! The universe recognises your giving, and that’s why the universe will give you back what you truly deserve!

Loving is a process of receiving the good and letting go of what no longer serves your purpose.

When you love, you tend to feel the love resonate within you and you’ll eventually become happy. And when you love someone, he/she becomes happy. It’s that simple if you see it this way. Because when I see it this way and loved my enemies, the results gained were remarkable. Everyone becomes loving and happy. The positivity automatically flows through everybody’s channel and it is both efficient and effective especially in social gatherings, group project work, etc.

I witnessed the effect when my group had a project meeting today. There were two in our group who used to be in our clique, but due to trust and betrayal issues, we separated. Day after day, the feelings that we had for one another were animosity. It was that exaggerating as there were class politics as well. However, when 2014 came along, I’ve learnt to love and let go of what no longer serves my highest purpose. I opened myself up to the people whom I dislike. The meetings which were previously awkward and hostile, became so playful, positive and productive today! I felt as though my energy was spread across to them, influencing them with my positivity. It was a miracle.

Therefore, I strongly encourage everyone who’s reading this to let go of what no longer serves your purpose and start loving. Trust me, it works. If I can let go what no longer serves my highest purpose, why not you? 


Believe that you can do it, and you will.

xx Love & Light and Many Blessings to All xx

Positivity and Vocabulary Bank

“Why so negative?” My teacher exclaimed, “Why can’t you use issues and concerns instead of complains?!”

Her rhetorical question made me smile, and this was then stuck in my head for the rest of the day. So yes… why be so negative when you can be positive every single moment of your life? All you have to do is change your thoughts! Of course, by changing your thoughts, you must first change the vocabulary in your dictionary.


The Law Of Attraction also states that you should “think of what you desire, and not what you fear”. Your thoughts manifest quickly in the universe, so take precious time to build happy & positive words in your vocabulary bank! It’s worth being happy everyday. Also, you being happy may brighten someone else’s day as well! Hope you have fun manifesting positive thoughts!!

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or anything to share!! 🙂

xx Love & Light to All xx

Soulmates vs TwinFlames


Soul-mates are the ones whom you have had past-life relationships with in your previous lives. In this lifetime, your soul mates may be your best friends, parent, grandparents, children, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Most of whom you feel attracted to are your ‘soul mates’. It’s how you feel towards them, like you’ve known them all your life even when you just saw/talked to them.

In my experience, my ex-boyfriend was a past-life soulmate. As you know, internet is extremely advanced nowadays and guess what?! I met my ex-boyfriend on an online platform. We clicked instantly! I know it’s dangerous since he might be a 40 year old pedophile trying to impose as a teenager, but the energies were so strong and we both felt it when we started chatting online. Then, we begun exchanging numbers and contacted each other via texts and calls and eventually met up. The attraction was so strong and the love I felt for him simply blew my mind! We always say that ‘love is blind’ and I totally agree with it. I was blinded in love. But, I do know that his feelings were me were 100% true. My intuition told me so and I trusted it. As you know, all relationships have it’s own problems and we had ours. Eventually, we broke up after 2 months(?) It was a recent one, but I got to learn a lot within that few months that I was attached to a soulmate.

I learnt to love, to see things in colours. He taught me how to feel and understand things in others’ perspectives and use my heart to see. My life gradually turned from a dull grey to an intense rainbow colour. Even though we didn’t end things well, I know that we both learnt a lot through this experience. He told me what I didn’t knew when I was ‘blind’ and I’ve learnt a lot about myself since then. It was definitely worth it.


As for TwinFlames, it was said that the intense attraction will literally BLOW YOUR MIND. The feelings that I’ve heard was ‘being complete’ and ‘whole’. People who have found their twin flames truly experienced one-of-a-kind relationship with their other half. It was also said that the world became so much brighter because of their existence. One thing I know for sure is that twin flames are hard to come by these days. People who have found their twin flames are truly lucky and extremely blessed! I wish to find mine soon!! 😛

If anyone who has found their twin flames and wishes to share with us about your ‘love at first sight’ or story, please feel free to comment below!

Thank you and many blessings to you!

xx Love and Light to All xx

An Unexpected Gift

On the first day of school in 2014, I was surprised by an extraordinary gift from a close friend whom I just made friends with in April 2013. I jumped up and down in glee and gave her a huge, cuddly bear hug. This lovely Angel gave me a Rose Quartz necklace from Lovisa. It’s stated on the cover- love, forgiveness, peace, compassion.

Why was this gift so unexpected?

I live in a society where new age and spirituality aren’t that commonly accepted. People tend to think that alternative medicine doesn’t work and worst of all, most think of meditation as evil and once you try it, your soul will be gone forever! Outrageous concepts..

So as you can see, being in this society isn’t such a good situation for me. Nobody can understand how I feel or what I’m thinking. We constantly have to please others so that we won’t feel ‘left out’. For me, I had to keep myself away from knowing these ‘harmful’ stuff as stated by my grandmother. However, she doesn’t know that she’s secretly into it as well! All these years, she’s been getting us talisman and I remembered when I was young, I tend to see spirits around me. I got scared and she got to know about it. What she did was, she brought me to a friend’s home.

That friend was a special being. It was hilarious at first because I thought that he was just trying to be funny. But then, I gradually realized that that guy could indeed perform channeling from God and mediumship. It was truly a fascinating sight.

After performing a ritual, the ‘master’ burnt a talisman and stirred it into a bowl of water. Then, I was asked to drink the water. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste but it wasn’t pleasant either. It was like drinking a charred drink or something like that. From then on, the talisman worked. I stopped seeing ‘tigers’ in the bathroom and the feelings of spirits touching me were gone. I was so relieved.

That happened when I was 5.

13 years later, I found out that being clairvoyant and intuitive is a good thing! It was said to be a gift from God and….I shut it down.

Yes, I was terrified of spirits. And I got to admit, I still am terrified of them. Hence why I can’t retrieve my clairvoyance back that quickly. However, I’m working on it now and the Angels are constantly with me, helping and guiding me gently.

So coming back to the special gift from my Earth Angel..

To say that I was surprise in having that gift was an understatement. I love it. I’ve always believed in crystals, gemstones, herbs, energy, chakra, aura and all the other types of alternative healing.

It was truly a wonderful feeling having people accepting me for who I am! My beliefs were mashed up and shifted aside due to the ‘normal’ beliefs that I should adopt. But no. No more. I stood my ground and became myself in the year 2013. I have to admit, it wasn’t easy at all. People were constantly judging. Everybody judged except for my mother.

My mother, is another special being. She kept mum about her gifts. Even I didn’t know it until last year! It’s no wonder where I got this gifts from. I inherited them from her, and most probably, my grandmother was as well but she didn’t want to accept it. In my grandmother’s days, those people with gifts were considered ‘out of bounds’ and ‘excluded’. Well, I won’t go in depth about my family history right now as this post isn’t about it. P.S sorry, I tend to get carried away sometimes!

Hence yes.

I believe that everyone should carry a rose quartz with them to promote love and harmony among one another. Of course, remember to cleanse your crystals thoroughly before wearing them or doing any rituals with it!!

P.P.S I really really love my gift!!! Hehe<3

**Love & Light and Blessings to All**


The Art of Letting Go

Easily available anywhere.

Pink, friendly and gentle crystal


Rose Quartz are the gentlest crystals that I have ever had the privilege to have. Their loving energy truly heals emotional wounds from past hurts and helps to open up your Heart Chakra, allowing yourself to be open to more goodness and positivity. You may not feel their energy physically. However, their energy will go into your energy field and subconsciously heals you. After a period of time, you will feel free and rid of most of the past hurtful feelings. 


In addition, rose quartz helps people to attract love into their lives. With the intention of getting a new love, the crystal will guide you to find the ones that are suitable for you. Of course, you must definitely follow your intuition so that your crystal may guide you even better.


These pink crystals also enable you to sleep peacefully when you place it under your pillow or beside you while you are sleeping. For me, I place it at the side as I found it more effective that way. Furthermore, I use crystals for meditation to get peace and serenity in my centre. Of course, it is recommended that your crystals be cleansed and charged before any uses.


Once you’ve let go of your unhappiness, you can then use your Rose Quartz to manifest your desires – finding a soulmate. The most important thing to take note while manifesting is the art of believing. Let your intuition guide you along your path of peace, tranquility and happiness. Let go of your past hurts and trust in yourself.

Let go & Let God


Rose Quartz crystals are good cleansing tools for your tarot or angel card decks. So, be sure to place a crystal at the top of your deck for a good cleansing before you start any reading!

P.S. Please feel free to comment on any matter that you have doubts on.

P.P.S I hope that this post helps most of you to understand the usage of Rose Quartz better! 🙂

**Love & Light to you & Blessings to All <3**