Happy Holidays + Full Moon in Gemini

Happy Holidays Sweet Peas!

I’m so excited because it’s the thanksgiving period! It’s the start of the countdown towards Christmas too!! This is such a wonderful time to be living on Earth!

What’s more?  The full moon in Gemini is happening tomorrow! Are you ready for it, dear ones?

Honestly, the energies this week are so intense that they are driving me crazy!

Have you felt it too?

The past emotions — guilt, pain, hurt, hate, love, etc. — just rush into your mind and knock the wind out of you. You feel overwhelmed, lost, scared and anxious. These are the common symptoms that you will feel when you have pent up emotions within you. Yes, we do not discount the past lives’ experiences as well. By hook or by crook, healing needs to take place right this instant. Henceforth, this is a perfect time (excuse) to take time out, breathe, meditate, ground, and explore YOU!

Astrology will help you to better understand the Moon and its effects towards you. Henceforth, I am sharing Tanishka’s work with you to let you have a better understanding of how Full Moon in Gemini is working towards or against you.

So the main objective during such a transit is to identify whether your mind needs more stimulation or more relaxation.

As Tanishka mentions in her Astro Oracle, “If you are lacking in mental stimulation, you will lack things to talk about, feel bored often & seek external stimulus to entertain you, rather than books, documentaries, short courses or discussion groups which challenge you to question what you thought to be true. Those who fall into this category run the risk of dumbing down their mental potential due to an environment which offers no new ideas.

If you are in need of mental relaxation, chances are you multi-task throughout your day & expect yourself to be ON most of the time, like a fast processing computer with many tabs open. This can create a mania, which is an addictive high which ultimately fries our nervous system & results in us being less efficient & making errors which can cost us in more ways than one. To balance this kind of frenetic mental state as a default setting, one needs to adopt meditation practices, read poetry or fiction to unwind or play games which help the mind to loosen up.”

Those with a lot of Gemini or air planets in their natal chart will find this balance is crucial to maintaining mental health.

Full Moon in Gemini

Image from: MysticBlueCruises

Hope you’ve enjoyed this special post, sweet peas!

Please make full use of the information provided above to help you get through the intense Full Moon in Gemini. These energies will definitely be staying 3 days before the full moon, during and after. Henceforth, please be conscious of your emotions in these days.

Have a blessed, beautiful & miraculous week, Everyone!

Namasté ♡

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My Psychic Reading Experience: Weird!

© JessMollyBrownAuthor.com

© JessMollyBrownAuthor.com

One thing I’d like to clarify is that your psychic reading is neither wrong, inaccurate, nor simply not resonating. Everything revolves around energy. And that’s exactly what psychics do most of the time. They read energies — be it feeling, seeing, sensing or hearing. So when you do say that the reader is not connecting, think again..

My recent experience literally made me laugh my heads off. I have some questions about my future career, and I have to admit.. This wasn’t my first time asking the same question, but a different reader.

Hey, I’m sure you’ll go through many readers till you’ve found someone who resonates strongly with you, right? Ohh yeah baby, I’m sure I’m not the only one 😉 

Please be mentally prepared for what I’m sharing with you next. I do believe that my story will attract questions & reflections within your ever-busy mind. So let’s continue, shall we?

Think about it. Every time we reject a reader, what do we do first? Do we blame them for being wrong? Do we blame them for lying to us? I’d say that most of us do that actually — especially when what they’ve said is negative.

Before I went into the chat room, I was reading a story on Wattpad. Thereafter, I went into a live chat with the reader and started asking about my future career prospects. She’d mentioned that I’d be earning 70,000 to 100,000 a year! Wow! She then continued saying that I’d be dressing up actors, actresses and being in the backstage of a fashion show. What?! 

It clearly wasn’t resonating with me at all because this wasn’t what I cut out to be! So I thanked her and ended the chat abruptly.

I was upset, of course. So, I did what I did when I was upset.

I picked up my phone and continued reading stories from Wattpad to distract myself.

As I gradually read, I realised that the main character in the story was exactly what the reader had described. I didn’t realise that I’d poured my energies into the story, and therefore my energies were being mixed with the characters inside the story.

Greathow interesting! 

My guides have since been urging me to blog about this so that everyone could understand what was going on. Basically since everything is energy, our energies can be intertwined somehow — unconsciously and subconsciously!

That was who the reader has picked up on during the reading! Because I hadn’t cleared myself of the energies from the story character, I was acting the part from within the story myself! I know, it’s slightly complicated but this is the only way that I can explain this to you guys.

Henceforth, I’d highly recommend that you cleanse your energies with a chakra clearing meditation before you go into any psychic room or have a intuitive reading. This will not confuse either you or the reader involved.

But then again, I will not discount that the reader may be unfit to do a reading. This is all about personal ethical issues.

If you really do feel that a reading isn’t doing justice to you and your time, then leave the chat immediately. Know that it’s not anyone’s fault. At times, God doesn’t want to reveal much to you, because life is indeed a mystery. Without the mysteriousness, wouldn’t life be boring? And when it’s boring, wouldn’t we find something to do? This will inevitably attract drama and chaos into our lives, instead of peace and tranquility.

In conclusion, I really do hope that you’ve gained some knowledge and wisdom through my experience.

Please do feel free to let me know of your experience in a psychic chat! I’d love to hear from you! Ü

Until next time,

Much love, light & angel blessings to You ♡

☀ March 2015 Forecast ☀

In this beautiful month of March, Archangels Michael & Raphael will be guiding us on cutting cords, vacuum negativity, holistic healing, as well as communication with our guardian angels! Hope this video helps you to understand what’s truly happening in your life, dearest ones! 🙂

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings from my heart to yours,

Grace Fae

✡ Reiki Attunement ✡

© Project Inner Peace

© Project Inner Peace

I have been attuned to Reiki Level I! Yayy! Honestly, I have been skeptical about Reiki and its healing powers. But gradually after receiving a Reiki healing from a dear friend who’s a Reiki Master, I’ve noticed its strong, lasting & powerful effects — it really does work!

My experience with Reiki healing session:

It was a cord-cutting + Reiki healing. Let me just tell you that it was so awesome! So, I’m not afraid to let you guys know about my story — my relationship was on the rocks and it was in an extremely negative state. I realised that I needed to clear his energy out of my system, so I asked a friend for help. So, she came back to me with a Reiki report (long-distance healing) and encouraged me not to contact him for this period of time, and told me that the relationship would even change for the better after this Reiki healing session. Again, I was SKEPTICAL. I was thinking...”Are you sure?” But, I didn’t voice that out. It’s good enough that my dear friend wanted to help me out. So, I trusted her.

After a few weeks, he texted me and asked me out. I rejected him because of obvious reasons. Then he tried to persuade me. Of course, I still based him as the guy I’ve known before the Reiki healing session. So, I confronted him about it. Surprisingly, he said…“I promise you. This is just an innocent meeting. Nothing else!” Hmmm…that obviously didn’t sound like him. He was never the one to have the word ‘innocent’ in his dictionary. And, the revelation got to me. Reiki…

My experience during & after Reiki attunement:

During the Reiki attunement, there were many voices in my head. I was actually nodding off (attunement was done @ 7.30am), but I did my best to stay in the alpha state. Interestingly, I’ve felt the tingling sensations especially around my head, my arms, the soles of my feet and my back. It was very fascinating! Staying in the dream-like state didn’t help when I awake to consciousness as I couldn’t remember any guidance or messages given by my guides and angels. But, I do know that the tingling sensation in my hands were still going strong even after the attunement!

It’s now my third day after the attunement. True to some Reiki practitioners’ words, I felt tired most of the time even though I gulped down loads of water and I also felt that my energies were shifting very rapidly. My vibrational frequencies are elevating quickly. Yes, it should be a good thing, but I felt it going too fast for me. Why?

I want to eat meat. 

Going down this path is simply…life changing. I’ve always enjoyed the tastes of meat in my mouth. But somehow these days, it seems like my throat constricts every time I see a dish of meat on the dinner table. It was both antagonising and agonising to me. I’ve tried tons of vegetarian food, but it doesn’t work on me either.

I’m doomed.

Hopefully, I’ll find some solutions to this tiny problem of mine…

☮ Making peace with my Soul ☮

© 2014 Brecon Cottages

© 2014 Brecon Cottages

I woke up this morning feeling extremely gloomy and moody. It was a different sensation from the other days. My heart was clenching tightly, my jaw was clamped tight, and I just felt so depressed. I didn’t know what was happening. Everything was going well these days.

As per normal, I went on ahead with my daily routine — meditation in the morning. It was in the middle of my meditation that I was brought to another place, which was entirely different from the modern societies. It felt like the 1920s. Thereafter, I was led into a dirty, muddy path, towards a small cottage. Looking over my surroundings, I realised that it was a meadow. Looking over myself, I was dressed in rugged clothes, with a bucket of water in my hands. Suddenly, the pain within my heart grew strong and heavier. It was as though my heart was screaming its lungs out and screaming bloody murder. It wanted to get out of my body! The emotions were killing me; they were excruciating, miserable and thoroughly agonising. I wanted to get out of there, but something pulled me in further — the cottage.

My vision became clearer, and tears formed beneath my eyelids. I couldn’t stop myself from crying. Finally, the realisation crept towards my whole being. This was my past life. This woman was me. The woman was creeping outside the cottage stealthily, trying not to disturb her children and husband who was sleeping. But, she didn’t expect herself to witness it.  My vision went over towards the windows of the bedroom. She (I) was witnessing an adultery act caused by my husband. Honestly, it hurts so badly that I had to purge the tears out of my eyes. I just wanted this agony to end. I didn’t want to witness this sickening act of debauchery any longer. So, I called upon Archangels Michael and Raphael in to assist me in this process. I needed to release and heal this past wounds. I just have to…

Gradually, I zoned out of the scene and back into my body. I just kept crying and praying non-stop. I continuously asked Archangel Raphael to heal me of this past life issue so that I can move forward in serenity in this lifetime. He heard me, and He’d comforted me. I couldn’t remember the exact words anymore, but I felt a sense of love and warmth surrounding me. I am healed. I am loved. And, I am able to move forward in life now.

All is well, again…

☆ September 13th 2014 AngelScope ☆

Let go of old ideas, systems, ideologies, and surrender all these past thinking to God, the angels and your guides. It’s also a good period to do some decluttering at home, workplace or in your vehicles. For some of you, you may be lucky today because there are some good news coming your way! Yay! For the others, you are being reminded to always stay in a positive, loving and compassionate state of mind so that you can attract your heart’s desires in a matter of divine timing. Stay focus & grounded no matter what happens. Do some grounding meditation, or some meditative breathing exercises today. It’ll help you to think clearer, better and more practical.

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings from my heart to yours ❤

Connect with me, dearest ones!



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The Power of Wind

I used to remember that my grandmother loved to talk about “chi”, which also means “wind”. Till now, she still uses this term whenever I fall ill. As some of you may know, I’m currently recuperating from my very serious flu – throat irritation and cough. I went to my grandmother’s yesterday and she instantly took notice of my cough. The first question she asked was, “What is the colour of your phlegm?”

When I was young, I couldn’t understand why she’d ask the colour of the phlegm because it’s DISGUSTING. I found it disgusting until I was brought to the Traditional Chinese Medical Hall for a consultation. The Physician then explained that it was an alternative term. For those who know about Chinese Medicine, you’d know that there are many other terms for different types of coughs – dry cough, yellow phlegm, white phlegm, etc. So after the diagnose, the Physician then explained to me that I’ve had “wind invasion”.

What is a “wind invasion”? It is the extremely strong “external wind” that enter our bodies and make us sick. Hence, the sickness that I’ve had wasn’t at all because of poor immune system, but because of the “wind invasion”. I could still remember the times when I was shivering in the air-conditioned areas during my lectures and tutorials in school for the past few weeks despite me wearing a jacket! So, the wind can actually be both harmful and harmless to one’s body. It can either keep you cool, or it can literally enter your body and attack you, leaving you extremely vulnerable.

It is said that the more spiritually cultivated you are, the more your “chi” channel in your body will open. Hence, the more your “chi” channel is open, the more susceptible you’ll be to the wind. To all the meditators, please do take note that you can easily catch a flu if you don’t keep warm enough, especially in air-conditioned places and drafts.

In addition, please be reminded to keep drinking water to replenish your body. We, sensitive beings, have to keep ourselves healthy so as to keep a high vibration for ourselves as well as the environment around us. The Earth needs more Light Workers to increase the Earth’s vibration, and spread the love to everyone. This will gradually help to prevent disasters from forming, as well as curb the other negative activities from happening.

Tip of the day: Always remember to keep yourself snug and warm anywhere and everywhere. 

Hope this has been useful to you!

xx Love & Light xx