2016 Solstice Celebration

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All readings above $7 in my Etsy Shop will be 30% off in honour of the Solstice season.

I am truly elated to be putting up this offer because I’d love to reach out to more people in more affordable ways!  I am constantly learning as I go, and I’m always inspired by my clients’ stories & lessons.

Of course, I’d like to say THANK YOU  to all of my beautiful current & potential clients.  It is YOU who made me realised my dreams of becoming an intuitive reader.  Thank you for putting your trust in me, and having faith that I will deliver the best & most authentic reading ever!


In addition to the Solstice offer, you’ll also receive a thank-you coupon upon any purchase in the Etsy Shop!  All in the good name of Solstice 😉 


I’m truly looking forward to read & connect with you, dearest beautiful Earth Angel!

Till then, stay blessed, beautiful & loved always!

From my heart to yours,

Namasté ♡


☼ The Art of Vulnerability ☼

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After a period of chaos (the recent blue moon) and hiatus, this revelation hit me like a ton of bricks.

Time after time, I have been hurt endlessly.  This was the result of not setting healthy boundaries, allowing all the toxic energies to shoot at my core.  Deep down inside, I was hurting, but I’d put on a brave front f0r the world to see — the typical light-worker / empath moment.  I am the light, I need to help people! 

Detachment makes me feel good, protected, and extremely comfortable.

The lies I told myself, “Everything is fine, I have Angels with me, remember?”  or  “I love you!” 

Those words rolled off my tongue so smoothly that I nearly believed them myself.

It was incredulous how I’d let all these happen to me in a timespan of a year.

Now it’s time to uncover the truth within me.

I am prepared to open myself up to the world…again.

To the society, vulnerability is weakness.  In essence, it makes you a weakling, a victim, and someone whose desperate.

But then again, society consists of many rules, procedures and regulations.  These restricted us to feel empowered, inspired and vulnerable.  Human beings become too pragmatic and detached.  Innuendos gradually became surrounded with the topic about money.

A conversation with a family member shook me to my core.  When asked if she’d like to keep pets next time, she affirmatively said no.  I then suggested that children are no difference to animals.  After all, we are all living beings!

Her answer made me believe that the world has turned us – human beings – into society’s slaves.

“When children grow up, they can make money.  But when pets grow up, they cannot do anything!” 

Her reply was infuriating.  I was burning with anger after she’d said that, but I kept quiet.  Where is the love, people?!  Does love not exist anymore?  Why are there still so many people hurting others out there?  The Orlando shooting incident, Harambe incident in the Cincinnati Zoo, and the Christina Grimmie incident… 

For the first time ever, I felt the pain of everything.  The pain that was buried deep inside me.  I cried for the people who died.  I cried for the innocent loved ones who suffered.  And I cried for people who are living but aren’t as fortunate as I am.  I was the epitome of pain during this period of time.

The Light Sourcing Meditation woke me out of my reverie, pulled me out of the darkness, and enabled me to open up to vulnerability again.  Truth to be told, it was my first time trying out the free meditation.  It literally opened up my heart this morning.  I felt the love of my guides surrounding me with love — the love that I still couldn’t feel yesterday.

For those who are on the same path as me, I strongly encourage you to try out this beautiful meditation by Rebecca Campbell, the author of Light is the New Black.  Her story was so beautiful and so relatable to me that the Angels are encouraging me to open up to share my story with you.

I feel healed.

I feel whole.

I feel love.

Give yourself a treat with this meditation, I know that it won’t disappoint you! 😉

Vulnerability can be your best friend if you allow it, I just know it!

Henceforth, stay open, beautiful & loving always, dearest beautiful Earth Angels!

Namasté ♡

20% off your readings on Etsy

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Hello sweet peas

I hope that you’ve been doing great these days! I’ve just celebrated my birthday this weekend, and it was fabulous! My birthday wish was to bless you with high energetic vibrational frequencies. So if you’ve suddenly felt a rush of inspiration or tingles coming through you, it’s me invoking the Angels for you 😉

In lieu of my birthday and the upcoming new moon, I’d love to provide with an awesome discount for my readings! You can save up to 20% off with a coupon code of NEWMOON1111.

BONUS: I’ll be doing healing for ALL of my clients who purchase readings within the period of November 2015. It will be done through my new crystal grid pouch — Archangel Metatron’s Cube of Protection Grid. This will be the first time i’m using it for my clients — I’m so excited for it!! On the side note, the intention of protection will last you through your belief (mostly up till 3 weeks).

All readings will be delivered to your inbox directly within 5 business days. I do my best to get your readings done way before the deadline! 🙂

This is a great chance for you to know my reading style as well as uplift your vibrational frequencies! As a thank-you to you, I’ll also be pulling out one-card for you to know who your power animal is! This is a once-in-a-birthday deal that you can’t miss!

With that said, I truly hope to connect with you soon, dearest beautiful Earth Angels! Ü

Sending all of my love to You & Namasté

Grace Fae ♡

P.S. I’ll be raising my prices in the coming Dec 2015. So, be sure to grab your readings when it’s still affordable! ツ

✩ Weekly September 21st 2015 Angel Oracle Soul Reading ✩

This week is all about retreating into yourself, dearest ones. You are being encouraged to call out your Goddess / Divine feminine energies to help you handle your situations. Relax & retreat, beloved ones. Let go of control! Take the back seat & enjoy the ride. Do some Yin yoga to help you release the lower & negative energies that are within & around you. As you let go of control, you are being guided to reflect upon your past, present & contemplate about your future. Listen to your heart & mind. Are they aligned with each other? If not, what changes are you willing to make? Implement the changes and take action next week!

Hope you have a pleasant & miraculous week, dearest ones! Ü

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings to You! ♡


☽ Weekly September 14th 2015 Angel Oracle Soul Reading ☾

Archangel Gabriel is here with us this week! He is helping those who are having writer’s blocks — especially those who are writing storybooks for children.

So the question to ponder upon this week…

How are you expressing your truth this week? Communication is very important, so you may want to do some blogging, writing, journalling or talk to your friends about your desires and story. Also, the angels are asking you not to push yourself too hard. Have compassion and mercy on yourself this week, dearest ones. Whenever you feel jealous or envy another’s path, tell yourself that you are on your own path and they’re on theirs. You are doing your best every step of the way. Allow yourself to commit to this affirmation and go with the flow, dearest ones. You will find that you will have more strength, courage and motivation to complete what you’ve planned for yourself.

Of course, the angels are also encouraging you to relax. Remember to breathe, dearest ones. Please remember that breath is your life-force energy. Whenever you feel the negative vibrations creeping up on you, BREATHE. All you have to do is breathe through those tough moments, and you’re good to go. Not to forget, give yourself a break from all that you’ve done! The decrease in energies this week are due to the recent New Moon that is still lingering in the air. So, do not panic, doubt or rush! Have fun, breathe, retreat & relax!

Last but not least, take back your power. Strive to be your true self this week! You may feel tired and drained, but you’re still in your energy. Do not allow any lower or negative energies to cloud your own judgment. Set your intention. Find solitude should you need some insights or guidance, and stay clam always!

Please do call upon Archangel Gabriel to connect with your truth lovingly, dearest ones.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this reading!


IMG_0998  IMG_1005

P.S. Look who decided to join us during our reading! There are other beautiful friends who joined us in the video as well! Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s reading! 

☸ September 2015 Angel Oracle Soul Reading ☸

Archangel Zaphkiel is here in the romantic September! Wheee~ He brings in passion, love of life & romance to our lives this month. Engagements, proposals & retreats are definitely in the cards this September as well. Archangel Zaphkiel definitely encourages solid foundation in everything you do this month, regardless of career, relationships and studies. Passion is key! Not to forget, energy flows where the intention goes. Henceforth, please keep your vibrational frequencies high by staying positive, dearest ones! One way to keep your energies high is to be child-like. If something goes wrong this month, cry or laugh it off. Thereafter, move on! Call upon Archangel Zaphkiel this month for more guidance, insights & protection, dearest ones.

Remember, ask & it is given! Ü

If you’d like a personalised reading, please feel free to visit my Etsy Shop !

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings ♡

☸ Weekly August 31st 2015 Angel Oracle Card Reading ☸

September is here! Vision, vision, vision, dearest ones. What do you want to attract in your future? Make it happen by feeling your future in the present time this week. Remember that positive attracts positive. Henceforth, uplift your vibrational frequencies by being spontaneous & child-like. Also, bless your past & pray for your future, dearest ones. It’s truly a great time for you to take action steps in the name of love! Be confident in your actions steps & communicate your visions to those whom you trust. Have faith & enjoy the process, dear ones. Please do call upon the Angels of Atlantis to guide and protect you with this new / existing endeavour!

Remember, ask & it is given! Ü

BONUS: Protect your energy this week by valuing your emotional sensitivity!

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings to You

If you’d like a personal reading with me, please feel free to visit my Etsy Shop Ü

☽ Happy Full Moon Moonbeams! ☾


Full Moons never cease to amaze me with their powerful energies. As I soaked up the moonlight, the healing yielded tremendous effects. The effects of cleansing are definitely overwhelming and suffocating. Do you feel it too, dearest ones?

This Full Moon is truly a time of healing, abundance and gratitude.

Have you achieved what you’ve started out during the previous New Moon? If not, what steps are you taking towards achieving your goals and desires? Think about them and start taking action during the coming New Moon.

Moreover, be grateful for what is to come, and what has been, dearest ones. Illuminate your soul with the moon’s glow!


Stay blessed & Happy Full Moon Moonbeams!

☽ Blessed be ☾

☸ BONUS: August 19, 2015 Angel Oracle Reading ☸


I was strongly guided to draw 5 cards for you from Healing With The Fairies deck by Doreen Virtue this morning. So, here it is!

How do you desire to make your life better, dearest one? Are you making any progress from day 1 till now? Is commitment in your dictionary at the moment? If not, then it’s time for you to nurture yourself, dearest ones. This is a good day to feed your soul with some rest, exercise or play-day. What do you desire right now? Tune into your heart & listen… Make plans & free your time to do the things that you love. If you feel nudges from the angels, take the action instantly! These will further guide you towards your goals, manifestations as well as dreams.

The Faeries would also like to remind you that laughter is the best medicine in the whole wide world! Relax yourself today, have some fun & laugh always, dearest ones. Free some time out to watch some comedy shows or tell a joke to your loved ones. Laughter doesn’t only lift your vibrational energetic frequencies, it also helps to make you look younger than you truly are! This will in turn make you feel more confident & comfortable in your body.

Henceforth, allow your soul to have fun today! Laugh more, act silly & stay younger!

Of course, please do feel free to call upon your angels & guides for further guidance, insights as well as assurance! Remember, ask & it is given Ü

Sending so much love, light & angel blessings to You ♡