○ New Moon in Cancer ○

Cancer Moon Cycle Oracle Spread

Blessed New Moon in Cancer

I feel so grateful to be able to share these messages with you today. Maybe it’s the New Moon energies that’s causing me to feel especially sentimental. Nevertheless, here’s our reading for the Moon cycle from 23rd June – 22nd July 2017.

How can we empower ourselves?

For this Cancer moon cycle, it is highly recommended that we focus on our wants, needs and desires to uplift our energies. As Cancer is a water sign, our emotions may be acting up more than we are truly feeling. For instance, when we feel sad about something usually, we may feel particularly depressed, devastated or melancholy in this moon cycle. Therefore, it is essential for us to maintain our high vibrations (e.g. being happy, excited, enthusiastic, etc.) by being impeccable in our thoughts, words, and deeds to overcome the over-sensitivity that Cancer brings out from us. A great exercise is to journal at the end of the day. Be conscious of your emotions throughout the day. As you become aware, you will thus be more prepared to tackle this emotional roller coaster head on.

Yes, Moon in Cancer may evoke self-doubt in us. All we have to do is trust ourselves in this period. Recognise our achievements, acknowledge that we’ve come so far, and really get grounded in our gifts, skills, abilities, and talents. Are we going to let a mere moon energy get us down? NO. As we become more conscious of the moon energies, we may want to shift our perspective and maybe change our lifestyle to ease the transitions to the next moon cycle. Therefore, a prayer may be helpful at this conjuncture. Alternatively, you can choose other prayers or affirmations such as the one below.

I am a radiant reflection of God’s light

How can we nourish ourselves?

As Cancer governs our emotions, our sacral chakra may be overactive this moon cycle. It is perfectly normal that we suddenly become petty, overly emotional, or sensitive about things that we did not care two hoots about previously. As mentioned above, self-doubt creeps in as well. Therefore, to face the fear and do it anyway, we need to heal ourselves from the critiques and negative mind clutter that are existing in our brains.

[Fun fact] If you’ve noticed, fear process into our nervous system more quickly than happiness, joy, gratitude, and other emotions. To counteract this phenomenon, we can think about the times when we enjoy ourselves the most, and reverse the negative cycle. Ultimately, we have to maintain these thoughts for at least 3 weeks to form a new habit in our brains. It may sound easy, but a lot of discipline is needed. BUT, we can do it! We’ve overcome so many other scary things in life already, so what more a mere negative cycle breaking, right? 🙂  [Fun fact over]

Many of us process our emotions differently. Females retreat inwards, while males react to things externally, or vice versa. There’s no one way that truly works. To make healing more probable, I’d highly recommend us to do whatever our heart’s desires. What is it that you crave? Food? Exercise? Learning new things? Reading? Singing? Dancing? Baking? Doing yoga/pilates? Eating without restriction? Doing ‘weird’ things? Watching dramas? When we do the activities that we truly love, it gives us the time and space to regroup our thoughts, rest, and recuperate. Therefore, healing can take place in this alpha state naturally. Alternatively, we can do meditation or sit in prayer in a quiet space. Whatever that makes our hearts sing!

Phenomenal healing energy flows through every cell in my body

How can we take action to manifest our dreams?

Freedom is an illusion. Oftentimes, we think that we are restricted to the time and space around us. Is that really the truth? Or are we binding ourselves unknowingly?

When I do what I love & love what I do, I’ll never have to work a day in my life. Boundless freedom surges through me easily and effortlessly 

It is my prayer that these affirmations, messages, insights & guidance can help us all to navigate through our emotional path in this sensitive moon cycle. I wish you guys all the very best, and until then, please do take care. Empower yourself, nourish yourself & take action to achieve your dreams. The sky’s the limit!

Sending all of my love, light, peace & angel blessings to You!

Namaste Everyone


Happy Solstice 2017!

Summer Solstice 2017

Happy Solstice Everyone!

Litha is literally the longest day of the year, and I’m so excited! The heavy energies have finally been lifted. For some of us, we may still have lingering past memories on our energetic field. No worries about that! All you have to do is either take a salt bath, cleanse yourself with sage/palo santo wood through smudging, move your body through exercise or yoga, or go out into the Nature. Gaia has so much love and healing to provide to us. I’m ever so grateful!

Even if you do not have the time to go out into nature or you live in a concrete jungle (like me), you can simply just hold onto a piece of crystal that you desire and just connect with their energies. It’s super healing, surrendering, peaceful, and powerful.

You do not need to have an altar or conduct a ritual, though it is recommended if you could. Either way, you can simply make use of whatever space or things that you have to honor the beautiful Litha / Solstice.

For me, Solstice feels like the Kundalini energy is moving through me vibrantly, rigorously and energetically. I love it!! It makes me feel inspired to connect with my loved ones at a deeper level and forgive the people whom once hurt me. To put it simply, it’s the season of forgiveness, power, authenticity, and love.

So, I took some inspired action and honored Solstice by hanging out with my Mom & boyfriend, cleansing with my crystals, journaling the ‘ugh’ out of my energy field, cleaning my space, doing a brand new e-course which was created by a beautiful soul, reading books, and dying my locks to a healthier hue.

So that concluded my Solstice ritual!

What about yours? Did you get to take some time out to celebrate this amazing day? Ü

I’m sending so much love, prayers, peace, light & protection to everyone who needs it right now.

Namaste everyone! ♡

P.S. I’m having a giveaway that was offered on Instagram. If you’d like to have a yes/no question reading, please simply comment below and let me know how you’ve celebrated the Solstice. Thereafter, provide one question & my pendulum will answer it for you!
P.P.S. This giveaway is my honoring of you beautiful people who are constantly supporting my journey! I’m very grateful and blessed to have a fam here in newagelove, and I can’t wait for you to be part of my journey in the future too!


Post Pink Moon: Happy Easter

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Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!

I apologize for not updating you with the Pink Moon, as I have been feeling under the weather ever since I quit my coffee intake. It has been three weeks since I’ve abstained from coffee. It has been rather tough. If you’d coffee addictions like me and have overcome this, please let me know how you’ve done it! I’ve been trying to fill the void in my life.

I drew these cards for myself as a much needed guidance – since I’m still filling the void with procrastination and what-not. So if you’re going through some challenges as well, fear not! This message is for you too!

The Angels are encouraging us to take inspired action. In this case, do not feel guilty or ashamed of yourself when you want to do whatever you want. If you don’t feel like going to work, call in sick. Honestly, your soul is having a flu, so this means you are free to call in ‘sick’. If you don’t feel like going to school, well…make sure that you have a sturdy foundation before skipping lectures and tutorials. If you want to sing & dance, then sing as loudly as possible & dance like nobody is watching. When you do the activities that inspires you, you have the ability to channel the sensuality within you & you may find some inspiration or revelation within your soul. Besides cleansing, doing what you love activates your chakras as well!

As you release any stagnant energy from within you, the next step is to seek the wisdom behind the lessons & challenges that you have currently. You are asked to review & realize how far you’ve come. And ask yourself, “Who am I?” This question may spark something miraculous from your soul. You may be inspired & surprised by whatever is the answer. Moreover, doing this work increases your self-esteem as you sieve through your achievements. Feel free to journal, blog or talk to your angels about them. Engulf yourself in the arms of your guides & angels, embrace the love & blissfulness, and most importantly, hug yourself. Self-love is evermore important in this current era, as everyone is either focusing on others or their career.

Another message of self-love comes in as the angels are saying that there’s no need to compare yourself to another, for another is simply not you. You are you. You have your own unique blueprint & this makes you unique! Yes, you may idolize & admire someone whom you have yet to embrace the qualities that they have. Therefore, you are being empowered to look for those qualities within you. If any quality is lacking, then manifest them through thoughts, feelings & actions. Affirmations are very useful. Remember, the law of attraction is always present. The Universe has your back!

Whew, so many messages came through for today. Nevertheless, hope you will embrace yourself wholeheartedly & truly find bliss & peace within you. I will be doing the same by smelling the flowers in my living space, journal down my achievements & engulfing myself with peace, love, bliss & harmony.

Much love, light & angel blessings to You,


○ Sacred Full Moon Healing ○

∂єαяєѕт уσυ,

Thank you for being here with me today on this sacred journey. It’s truly time for us to embrace our inner goddess & act with our feminine (yin) energies. What a sacred time for releasing, loving, easing peacefully into the light & accepting the dark night of the soul.

It is ok to face your demons head on, dear ones. You are not alone.

The dark night of the soul usually arises to the surface for healing to occur. Do not be afraid of the darkness within you, dear one. You are most divine & precious to us. Embrace & accept the past, forgive it. Let it go. Cry & laugh however you want. It’s time for you to surrender these hidden emotions from within. You are loved. You are safe. You are enough.

You & I both know it’s not easy to get through this nonsensical period when all you want to do is just let the ground swallow you whole, laugh maniacally at things you found to be hurtful, cry when things get too overwhelmingly suffocating, scream into the ocean & shout at the people who hurt you. Yes, you may be at the lowest period right now. It’s alright, dear one. Let them go.

Gently & lovingly. Breathe through it, for you are so brave. So courageous. You are divinely loved, present with your emotions & you are enough. Forgive yourself for being so hard on yourself, dearest one. Yes, you are strong enough to deal with this. It’s a love-hate relationship. But love prevails. Love always wins. Love. You can do it. You are meant to rise. This is your birthright. Breathe, dear one, breathe.

Allow the dark night to come & go. Embrace it, feel it & release it. For it has over-welcome its presence. You are free, let it go. Breathe & allow your whole being to feel lighter, free & uplifted. Remember, when there is night, there is also day. As always, the day will come no matter the weather.

Breathe & breathe again, dear one.

Breath is your life force energy. Deepen your breath, slowly & gently. You are awakened. You are love. You are the light. You are the divine within you. You are enough. You are the Goddess of your own soul. You are the bravest of the warriors. You are…the brightest light in the night.

And so it is.

○ Full Moon in Virgo 2017 ○

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𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖙 𝖞𝖔𝖚,

This full moon in Virgo on March 12th, 2017 calls for you to go inwards, beckoning your inner Goddess out for self-love & self-care session. This period is especially potent & sensitive for your ideas and inspiration to come forth. There is one catch for this though…

The Angels are indicating that without self-love, there will be many ideas floating around & about, but you will never have the time or energy to get to it. It is the Divine downloads that are causing many people to ascend spiritually, but at the same time, it’s also causing many of us to fall off the wagon because we are too busy focusing on too many things at one time. Moreover, the Virgo energy instills in us that everything we do is never good enough (Virgos have perfectionist qualities). Henceforth, you may find yourself procrastinating, delaying & finding excuses – filling your mind with endless mind chatter such as doubts about your abilities, fears about the future & the lack of confidence in daily grind, etc.

For some of you, qualities such as carelessness, forgetfulness, recklessness & negligence may surface during this period.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, tune into your solar plexus chakra, focus your breath on it & visualise white light cleansing through it. Allow yourself to sit in this cleansing energy for at least 5 minutes. Also, remember to breathe through this process. If you’d like to receive any guidance from your guides, simply lift your vibrations up to the Heavens & ask for specific guidance. As my guide was Archangel Michael, he’d shown me a beautiful piece of pearl drop with flower on it (I’ll be uploading about my meditation onto another blog post soon!).

Remember, ask & you shall receive!

To my fellow lightworkers who are reading this, you are encouraged to visualise golden crystalline light cleansing through your chakra centers. Due to our empathic & sensitive nature, the Angels invite us to shield our energetic field in a bubble of golden crystalline light, instead of the usual white light. If you are attracted towards the white light, please allow your guides to lead you to whatever that is most beneficial to you at this time. 

To end this full moon message, I have been given a vision of you reading books while relaxing. For some of you who read books during the full moon energies, you may be getting some insights & this leads to the ‘aha‘ moment. For others, I do feel a really calm & nurturing energy as you give yourself some time off to feed your soul & rejuvenate your spirit.

//Note: Books can entail magazines, musical scripts, storybooks, pamphlets, e-books or simply whatever books that you are guided to read. 

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Not to forget, cleansing externally is a need in order for you to get clear headed. Thankfully for me, I’ll be doing some light saging and smudging in the hotel room that I will be staying at for a much needed R&R.

P.S. Did you know that abalone shell is also called the abalone pearl? It’s super calming & nurturing – which is so crucial for us in this period. Do you have an abalone pearl too? Let’s chat us some abalone pearl experiences !

Namaste beautiful peeps  ♡

March 2017 Spiritual Messages with Archangel Raphael

✧ March 2017 Forecast by Maria Teresa is here! ✧

Readings by Maria Teresa

The energy of March is already starting to reveal itself.  With this new month we have a new shift and focus, mainly upon the Self.  This is a month where we will be sensitive, and for a reason: the feelings we have and the growth we experience demand attention, and will not be ignored.  It is a month to discover our leadership, confidently lay the groundwork for the future, and not give up on ourselves.  Basically, this is a time to feel better about who we are, and to make feeling better our priority.    

Archangel Raphael joins us for this month’s channeling.  He is the Archangel of healing and travel.  Calling on him to heal a physical ailment, relationships or anything mental or emotional will reveal deep inner truths.  He brings with his healing energy the powers of clarity and strong will.  His aura is a strong, emerald green, and…

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☽ New Moon: Blessed Be ☾

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Hello Beloved Ones,

I was urged to draw a card for you on this beautiful new moon eclipse. As you can see from the picture, the energies were SO intense that two cards dropped out! Let’s see what the Angels have for us today, shall we? ⍢

This New Moon is opening up our Crown Chakra to Divine downloads – ideas, inspirations, prayers, and solutions may come through at this time. Archangels Michael and Jophiel are encouraging us to breathe through this period for many of us may experience headaches, flu-like symptoms and giddiness. Henceforth, it is crucial for us to be grounded (nutrition, physically & energetically) and imagine light from our root chakra grounding into the Earth’s core.

Furthermore, you are being reminded to call upon any Ascended Masters (Jesus, Mother Mary, Goddess or Mercy, Buddha, etc.) when any feelings of guilt, victimization, criticism or over-sensitivity surface through. Indeed, lower energies may arise in order for us to surrender and release them to the Ascended Masters – especially Saint Germain’s Violet Flame for transmutation of lower energies. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you to create a God Box so that you can simply write down and surrender your worries and desires to God through this sacred box!

Due to the profound energies on Earth, the Angels are saying that many people are ascending to the light and this makes it easier for us to connect to the Divine beings more effortlessly. This is one of the many reasons why manifestation in this February New Moon is SO powerful. As we release any lower vibrations (e.g. worries, doubts, fears, insecurities, etc.) to God and uplift ourselves into the light, we can thus easily manifest things to fruition.

Therefore, please allow yourself to enjoy basking in this beautiful and powerful energies of the New Moon, have a cup of tea, do some self-massage, future journaling and light up some candles. Who knows? Miracles may happen when you take time out for yourself, dearest ones. ϡ 

Endless gratitude, peace & light to You,

Blessed Be my friends ❤

P.S. I’ll be taking time out to reconnect with my Angel Aura Quartz and meditating in this beautiful energy. How about you? ϡ  

February 2017 Solar Eclipse

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The (new moon) solar eclipse will be happening on the 26th February 2017!

There is a strong emphasis to ground ourselves in this coming new moon. The Angels are beckoning us to stay rooted in safety. There may be instances when ‘fight or flight’ mode occur in the coming few days. For instance, some of us may take things too seriously and exaggerate the entire situation. Henceforth, please do take note of your emotions and breathe, dear ones. Breath is truly the life-force energy.

Root chakra is the first chakra, and if it were to be blocked, we may experience insecurity, fear and fatigue. On the contrary, if our root chakra were to be overactive, we may tend to express aggressiveness, frustration and restlessness.

In order to stay at the top of our game, the fairies are here to remind us of assertiveness. Indeed, there are many times that Earth Angels and light-workers tend to avoid conflict by keeping mum when they actually disagree with something. This is the time to speak up, dear ones. It’s time for us, the peaceful ones, to have a say in our lives.

When we are being honest to ourselves, we will have integrity. It’s only then that our throat and crown chakras are fully opened and that messages can flow through freely and effortlessly. Thence, this is a message for all light-workers and beloved Earth Angels to be confident. (Note: If you need to boost your confidence, why not listen to Demi Lovato’s Confident?☺) 

To sum up, remember to ground yourself in this coming new moon solar eclipse, own your power & please do call upon the fairies for extra strength! Remember, ask and it is given Ü

Sending much love, light & peace to everybody ♡

Namasté ♡

P.S. Do you know that you can ground yourself with just a stainless steel spoon? 😉

The Universe Has Your Back


Ever since Gabrielle Bernstein announced the arrival of her latest book, the angels have been urging me to purchase it asap.

However, The Universe Has Your Back has been out of stock ever since it came out, and I’ve only gotten it last week (coincidentally during the New Year’s). I’m so psyched to start reading it, and Gabby never fail to disappoint.

Currently, I’m into Chapter 2 of the book, and I feel super empowered by her writings. Moreover, there were many simple tools that everyone can make use of in our everyday lives. This book came to me at the most Divine timing as I was in need of a special prayer due to my ‘almost break up’ with my current boyfriend.

And it is in the prayer I need, that the prayer I have…

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace! 

That where there is hatred, I may bring love. 

That where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness. 

That where there is discord, I may bring harmony. 

That where there is error, I may bring truth. 

That where there is doubt, I may bring faith. 

That where there is despair, I may bring hope. 

That where there are shadows, I may bring light. 

That where there is sadness, I may bring joy. 

Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort, than to be comforted. 

To understand, than to be understood. 

To love, than to be loved. 

For it is by self-forgetting that one finds. 

It is by forgiving that one is forgiven. 

It is by dying that one awakens to Eternal Life. 

— *Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi (The Universe has your back by Gabrielle Bernstein

Hope that this special prayer will bring much more love & blessings in your life, dear ones. For love attracts love, and peace attracts peace. Bring forgiveness into your life, and you shall seek the peace and understanding than ever before.

Sending so much love, light & peace to everybody! ♡


2017: New Year, New Me!


Happy 2017 beautiful people!

I’ve had a wonderful start to a new year – staycation FTW!

Even though I don’t update here any longer, I still feel attached to write to you again.

This year, the angels were giving me more strength than ever (due to mercury retrograde). It may not be a bad thing, but it’s always good to be cautious and conscious of the cosmos energies.

So instead of setting new year resolutions, I started to set new goals for myself this year.

Setting boundaries have always been a huge issue for me due to my ability to feel others’ emotions and recognising their truth. It’s always the case that “I want to make them happy”, “fulfil their wishes” and overall, “when they are happy, I am happy.”

But no more…

It’s time for me to set personal boundaries and more time for self-love.

It’s time to prioritise myself (again) this year.

2017 is so crucial as it is a number 1 in numerology. New start. New beginnings. New energies. New manifestation.

Henceforth, 2017 is the year to set new goals, manifest new dreams and live that dream for the next decade.

In order to you to truly move forward positively in this new year, do not forget to check your horoscopes and astrology for goal setting.

As a Scorpio sun and Taurus rising, I will be starting my year slowly but steadily.

I am feeling the slow energies already, and this is a sign for me to move slowly, be patient and stay grounded. I finally understood this as I typed these words out.

Thank you God & the Angels for the strength, love & peace.

May everyone be blessed with positivity, love, peace & light in this 2017!

Much love, light & peace from my heart to yours ♡